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the ambient visitor - five

the ambient visitor - five

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  • release date: 9 December 2011
  • total running time: 59:45


  1. Charon
  2. Nix
  3. Hydra
  4. Salacia
  5. Actaea
  6. Amycus
  7. Damocles
  8. Hidalgo

Our fifth album of deep and mysterious longform ambient music.

A continuous, almost hour long piece split into six parts.

Sonically, this album has similarities with our first album one but is much more sparce and minimalistic.

The music evolves very slowly and is very spacious.

The music is generative:
each note is played in a long loop, the length of each loop if different for each note, so although the music may seem to vary only slightly, it never quite repeats itself.

Again, the songs titles are named after Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) - small planetoids and other objects in our solar system whose orbits are on average greater than that of Neptune.

These objects are in turn named after characters from Greek and Pacific island mythology.

CDs available now

The Ambient Visitor - One Two - double CD

The first two albums are now available on double CD from bingsatellites.bigcartel.com.
More albums will follow soon.

the ambient visitor is an ambient side project of bing satellites, a musician, producer and DJ from Manchester, UK.

This is deep and mysterious longform ambient music. Quiet and atmospheric.

All the music here is available to download for free / name your price under a creative commons license.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

You are free to share this music with your friends, on your blog, website or non-commercial radio station.

If you wish to use the music in any other way, please contact the ambient visitor.