The original unreleased album, extended and remastered.

While there were albums called Eight and Ten, Nine was mysteriously absent.

However, a version of the album was remixed and had some strange stereo jiggery pokery going on and was released as part of the Complex Silence series.
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So what you have here is something that has never been available, until now.

The music is generative:
each note is played in a long loop, the length of each loop if different for each note, so although the music may seem to vary only slightly, it never quite repeats itself.

Released 28 March 2016.

All music and art by The Ambient Visitor at MCos, Manchester.
Produced between January 2012 and March 2016.

About The Ambient Visitor

The Ambient Visitor

Deep and mysterious longform ambient music.

The music is generative:
Each note plays in a loop. The length of each loop is slightly different so while the music may vary slightly, it never quite repeats itself.

I also make music under the name Bing Satellites, The Lovely Moon, Ghost Harmonics, Kowalski Room, Ethereal Ephemera and Blocker.