Visions of Summer

A peaceful generative ambient drone.

Flickering sunlight and a warm breeze blowing through the summer meadow.

Released 11 February 2019.

Music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman at MCos, Manchester during January and February 2019.

Cover photograph and design by Brin Coleman.

Cover photo: Flowers in The Green Belt in Boise, Idaho, July 2017.

About The Ambient Visitor

The Ambient Visitor

Deep and mysterious longform ambient music.

The music is generative:
Each note plays in a loop. The length of each loop is slightly different so while the music may vary slightly, it never quite repeats itself.

I also make music under the name Bing Satellites, The Lovely Moon, Ghost Harmonics, Kowalski Room, Ethereal Ephemera and Blocker.